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Handmade Flamenco Guitar --$3,500.00

Flamenco Guitar Front View I

Standard specifications on all flamenco guitars:

*650mm fret scale length
*Nut spacing: 41-42mm, at the bridge: 57-58mm.
*Excellent intonation
*Our best quality woods for the back and sides:
    Monterey cypress seasoned 25+ years
    Alaskan yellow cedar seasoned 5+ years.
*Soundboard: Englemann and Sitka spruce,
    western red and yellow cedars, & Pacific Coast
    redwood.  All seasoned a minimum of 5+ years,
     with the Pacific Coast redwood aged 30+ years.
*Indian ebony fretboards aged 20+ years and
    Gabon ebony aged 5 years.
*Neck wood: Indian or Spanish cedars, traditional
    woods for the flamenco guitar.  Graphite bar
*Brace wood is either split billet spruce or cedar for the
    soundboard: Spanish cedar or Honduras mahogany
    for the back. 

*Bridges are Brazilian rosewood aged 30+ years, with abalone or mother-of-pearl tie block decoration.
 Bone saddles.  Instrument has a hand rubbed high gloss finish of lacquer, oil varnish or spirit varnish,
thinly applied for better acoustics.  A hardshell case is supplied with all instruments.

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