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Although the classical and flamenco guitar are quite similar, there are some important differences.
     The classical guitar is usually deeper in depth which gives the instrument a greater base response.  This response, coupled with the traditional rosewood back and sides provides a deeper resonance.  In addition, the action (string height above the frets) is higher, usually around 4mm
above the 12th.  This allows the player to attack the strings for greater volume and a cleaner sound.  
     The flamenco guitar is thinner and the traditional use of cypress for the back and sides creates a sharper more percussive sound when attacking; yet this guitar is more than capable of producing clear, bell like trebles when playing melody.  With the flamenco guitar, the buzzing of string against fret is part of the musical style and with a low action, the player can move over the fretboard quickly, with less hand fatigue. 
     This "action", for both the classical and flamenco guitars, cannot simply be set up, it has to be built into the instrument.  Known as a "pitch angle", this procedure is accomplished by pitching the neck or sloping the board.   Mr. Foye uses a solara upon which he builds his guitars.  This is the traditional Spanish method of construction and allows Mr. Foye to properly dome the tops for strength and power. When the sides and back are assembled, minimum stress is added through these construction techiques; wood is not unduly forced into shapes for the purpose of saving time.  Thus, though his methods are slower, the quality is always assured.  These fine details, invisible to the casual observer, nonetheless play a most important role in the lasting quality and pleasure that an owner of one these fine instruments enjoys.
     A variety of finish woods are available depending on your choice of instrument: Indian rosewood, Koa, mahogany, maples, Monterey cypress and more.  All woods are well seasoned, some more than 25 years.  Fretboards are fine ebony; brace woods, neck woods, soundboards are again a variety of top quality woods.  For specifics, refer to the applicable instrument type.  Optional custom inlays of precious abalone and mother-of-pearl are also available on request.  The fine finish, thinly applied for better acoustics and polished to a high gloss, can be lacquer, oil varnish or spirit varnish.  

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